Dan Thomas

As Managing Director of a design agency (Vaulter), co-founder of homemade film-festival (Grovefest), and devoted student/teacher of improv comedy, Dan understands the value and difficulty of wearing many hats. He aims to draw on his wealth of business and creative experience to develop a place where passionate practitioners of the arts can get together and play with each others’ toys.

Dan has studied at UCB (New York), iO Chicago, The Second City, LMA, 16th Street, and The Improv Conspiracy. He has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Del Close Marathon (in New York), and is part of the house team ensemble at TIC. Dan has taught and coached improv since 2016, working with hundreds of students and performers in Australia, England, and the United States.

As an instructor, he focuses on building up confidence by pushing performers to invest and believe in their individual strengths. He believes in an approach that focuses on making things as active as possible within scenes, and playing wants and desires through emotionally-driven and organically discovered relationships.

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